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This is Enzo!
He likes the wintry snow!

He came over the hill,
just to say hello.

Enzo Christmas

Outdoor activities
are great family fun.

Enzo plays here,
with his daughter and his son.

Enzo Christmas
Enzo Christmas

Even though it’s frosty
he will share a warm smile.

Enzo does it all,
with such a great style.

Enzo Christmas
Enzo Christmas

The adventures will continue
all through the year.

Hope you can join us,
and spread some good cheer.

Enzo Adventures

About Enzo

The Producer

Enzo is the official mascot for Neglia Design, a successful graphic design and web design company.

Always busy creating for others, we looked for a way to remind everyone to “stop and smell the roses.” Enzo was created to help capture those special life moments to keep everyone smiling along the way.

The Artist

Award winning Canadian illustrator Marie-Claude Carignan, has been creating art for more than two decades. Her work is all carefully crafted on a digital canvas. Mastery of the computer through commercial experience make her fluid playful line and texture treatment seem so natural.